Indescribably Her’s

Her spirit is as gentle as the echo of a whisper

her presence as commanding as the roar of a thousand lions.

She speaks volumes without uttering a single word

and in half a smile she’s hooked you in.

The strength of who she is holds no measure

with wisdom as rare as the bluest of moons

to know her is to know the feel of a long and warm embrace

and to be loved by her goes beyond the expression of any words.

She touches you and you are lost

Unrecognizable to anyone, you melt into her beckoning

And with the sweetest glance she owns you

Whatever the price to be her’s is what you’ll pay.

Her gaze is striking and yet it is ever so sweet

She has no need for superfluous expressions

What she must say is expressed quite clearly

In the simple gesture of her reaching for you.

And so to her you go, sliding into her grasp

your composition changing, however slowly,

you meld into her soft authority and in that act

you have become what she orchestrated you to be.

Indescribably her’s….

It’s An Honor to be Cheezy

I walked into my neighborhood Starbucks today for my regular dose of caffeinated goodness and as I stood in line I noticed just a few folks behind me stood a sharp looking soldier. A young PFC to be exact. Now, I have not always agreed with the battles that our nation’s leaders have seen fit to stick our noses in. Nor have I always understood the mentality behind why those in power felt our troops needed to go where they have been sent, but one thing I have never wavered on is the immense level of respect that I have for our men and women in uniform. The sacrifices made not just by our soldiers but also their families must NEVER go  un-recognized. To me, the wars we have fought and continue to fight are less about the leaders who made the decisions to put us there and more about the human beings that in those front lines. I could care less about the politics behind the choices our leaders make, I care more about the individuals affected by those choices. I like to believe that my one little vote does make a difference and so, I go to the polls when the time comes. B,ut the reality is that politics is often about who has more clout with more people, who is on good terms with the right folks, who is holding a grudge, what party controls what, etc. This crap goes on and on while the lives of selfless human beings gets tossed around over and over as each political decision is made.

So today, as I stand in line at Starbucks, if I can do the tiniest little thing to let this PFC know that WE THE PEOPLE appreciate him for our freedom to stand in this damn line and over pay for a cup of good coffee, I will do it!  In my presence, no soldier will ever go unappreciated. If I see you walk by, I will take a second to thank you. If you are ordering food, I will pay for your meal. If I see you at the Starbucks, you better believe that coffee is on me! Anything that I can do to offer the hardiest of “Thank you!”

Great is the day when more than one of us fumbles around to be the one to pay for the soldier as just so happened today. My friend the PFC got the message when a couple of us simultaneously handed our cards to the young man at the register. As we all smiled at the bewildered soldier, the Starbucks manager seemed one step ahead of all of us. She handed the soldier his coffee and wished him a great day. The coffee was on them today 🙂

It is a great day when you can see the good in our humanity and today was a great day indeed.