About Liztruly

The past few years have been quite transforming for me. I have made some drastic admissions to myself that have led me to a life I’d never imagined for myself, both good and not so good. What I can say is that this transformation has made me more honest, more real and much more true to who I am and always have been to my core. Hence the chosen name; Liztruly for the person that I am today truly is me. I started this blog because I find writing to be not only cathartic but also helpful in putting one’s thoughts in perspective. Sometimes I am bombarded by differing positions on an issue, a topic or a situation within my own belief system and I come to a point where I can’t decipher which will win out and define me at that moment. So I write and in my writing I find the clarity that I need. Sometimes I read things that I have written and think, where was my head when I wrote that? I’m sure there will be a lot of that in this blog and I will be the first to point out where I have voiced an opinion that is just plain crazy. Now that I am putting my words out there for people to read, I brace myself for others telling me when I say something they feel is crazy. Ready for the challenge, off I go…

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